Lexington Independent Homeschool

Take Control of your Child's Education

Supplement your homeschooling regimen with classes taught by other homeschooling parents.

Getting together

Not only will your homeschooled children get to learn with other kids, but you’ll get to meet a whole community of homeschooling families with whom you can share ideas and fun.

Extra Expertise

Homeschooling parents study hard. Harness the collective knowledge of the whole LIH community to teach your children new things. Each semester, parents of students and other community members teach a new slate of great classes from practical to academic.

The Right Price

Run by Stuart Child Development Non Profit Inc., LIH strives to maintain fair pricing. Registration fees are minimal, and teachers are paid directly for classes.

Fun Learning

With such a variety of exciting classes, your children will have a blast expanding their minds and learning how to be responsible and helpful contributors to the community.

About LIH

A school for those who homeschool

Who we are

Diverse group of families in the Lexington, KY area working together to raise a generation of generous and intelligent leaders of tomorrow

Lori Anne Stuart

President and Co-Treasurer
Lori Anne Stuart, founder of Stuart Child Development, enjoys the farm life with husband Marlon Wayne Stuart Jr. and daughters Sidney Gail and Lilly Anne. She continued her education after getting married and owning a Ball Room Dance Studio in Anchorage, AK. Her degree is in Child Development and Cognitive Theory.

Kira Lanier

Vice President

Izzie Montgomery

Izzie Montgomery is a homeschooling mother of five. She has an MS in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture. She currently considers herself an educator and farmer.

Susie Presley

Board Member

Judy Heckl


Rachel Wade Harper

Administrative Vice President

Lynnette Malott

Board Member

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