Spring 2020 Dates

Orientation/Potluck January 15, 2020 11am – 2pm
First day of class January 22, 2020 9:30am – 2:30pm
Spring Break NO CLASSES April 1, 2020
Last Day of classes (If no Weather make up) April 15, 2020
Spring Presentation/Potluck April 22, 2020 11am – 2pm
Weather make up day April 29, 2020 (everything moves down one week, so last class day will be April 22nd and then the potluck/presentations would be on the 29th)

Drama Dates:
April 29th- Dress Rehearsal
May 1st- Make up Dress rehearsal if needed
May 2nd- Play at the Farish Theater in Lexington Public Library at 2:30pm. This event will be ticketed and open to the public 🙂