February 7, 2020


Some Frequently Asked Questions!

As always, please feel free to email us with any questions you might have. We are always happy to discuss our favorite co-op!

Q: What is Lexington Independent Homeschool?

A: We are a Cooperative school for families that homeschool in the Lexington and surrounding areas. We offer extra-curricular type classes taught by our teacher volunteers, and a few outside businesses that have partnered with us to offer a wide variety of learning opportunities for our students.

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are currently meeting at Bedford Acres Christian Church located at 5414 Lexington Rd, Paris Ky 40361

Q: Are you a Secular or Christian-based group?

A: We catalog ourselves as a Secular group. We do meet in a Christian church, however we do not require any kind of religious affiliation or commitment in order to join our group. We welcome all families regardless of their religious beliefs, homeschool philosophies etc. All are welcome!

Q: What days do you meet?

A: We meet on Wednesdays from 9:30AM – 2:30PM with 4 ‘periods’ of classes offered. Our semesters run in the Fall from September to December and then again in the Spring from January to April/May.

Q: How do I find out what classes are being offered?

A: Our website has a page labeled Classes. Once we have the line up for the next semester we will update those lists with new classes, descriptions, costs and ages. These do change each semester, so what is offered in the Fall might not be there in the Spring! We do have some classes that are almost always offered if there is enough interest (MMA, Gymnastics, Sewing etc).

Q: How do I register my children?

A: Once registration has opened for a new semester, you will visit our website and fill out a registration form under that REGISTRATION tab. This form gets sent directly to our registration manager and a copy of the form will be sent immediately to the email address you provide on the form.

Q: How do I know that my child will be able to take the classes I picked for them?

A: Once registration is closed, our team will look over all of the forms, their timestamps etc. and you will be contacted directly with any issues such as wait lists, maximum number of students reached or cancellation of the class.

Q: Do we have to take a class all 4 hours?

A: No you do not. You can come for just one class, two or three. We do not require you to sign up for the whole day. You are welcome to work around your schedule and take as many or as few classes as you like.

Q: Do I drop my children off and pick them up at the end of class?

A: We are not a drop-off co-op. We ask that a responsible adult be on campus at all times with your children. Should you need to leave for any reason, we have a sign out sheet where you can designate another adult, besides yourself, that can be responsible for your children while you are gone.